Matric 2022 RCL

Congratulations To Our RCL's👏.

Blessing Zimburu - Head RCL

"Education is a passport to tomorrow, for those who prepare for it today own it." - Malcom X We strive with all of our might to always achieve our utmost peak and with all of our might. Our prime aim at Lyttelton Manor is to be victorious and triumphant in the classrooms and on the field of sport. Despite the difficulties imposed by the epidemic, we have remained steadfast and will continue to grow! I aim to uphold the school's reputation and never to tarnish it. My greatest primary focus continues to be bringing honour to the school's name. Because, together we can, YES WE CAN!

Halaletsang Matubatuba Head RCL

I am honored to be part of the Manor family where we take pride in everything we do, from academics to sports and culture. “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” — B.B. King

Deputies on behalf of the headcourt

As the 2022 RCLs of Lyttelton Manor High School, we strongly believe a solid leadership structure is imperative among our peers. Thus, we commit ourselves to being positive role models, while also mentoring younger pupils to ensure generations of future strong leaders. We commit ourselves to establishing and maintaining the highest standard of behaviour, attitude and appearance while maintaining the schools image and honouring its name.

As the RCLs we had the opportunity to attend all athletics meetings. All the times we cheered with our teachers and athletes remains the highlight of this journey. The energy was electric and the unity was unmatched. Occupying this role, has and continues to develop our leadership abilities and personal growth. The skills that we gained from the André Hendricks Leadership Training not only aimed to develop us as LMHS leaders but to provide us with the skills that we can use in future endeavours.